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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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in the south bay. shoppers and workers forced to evacuate as flames shoot out from the roof. firefighters still on the scene cleaning up. joining us from the store, mary ann, sounds like investigators are targeted solar panels as possible cause? >> reporter: i can tell you that employees say that it does appear the fire started on the solar panels on top of the roof. firefighters are still investigating. more than 100 customers and employees were forced to evacuate, and right now you can see that many employees are standing outside of the walmart waiting to hear what to do next. the fire broke out shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. employees on break reported thick, black smoke pours from the roof of the building. a witness said the fire started on the solar panels on the roof. everyone inside the store, including all employees and customers, were foerpsed to evacuate and some employees tell us some people panicked. >> they started to run, and then
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everybody -- the people who worked there were telling them, calm down. eve n i said, don't panic. calm down. everybody get out of the store so you don't get hurt. >> reporter: firefighters tell us no one was hurt. employees never saw smoke inside the store. firefighters are still checking out the roof are and interior of the building, and determining whether to clear it for employees to return. in the meantime, as you see here, many employees are waiting to find out whether they will be able to complete their shift tonight, and whether customers will be allowed back into the store. milpitas firefighters say it was a busy amp. at the same time responding to this fire at walmart less than half a mile away they the also had to respond to a very serious vehicle accident. reporting live in milpitas, marianne favro, nbc news. and following developing news in san jose. a woman riding a scooter fell
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over and overpass and later died. this accident happened around 2:00 on winchester boulevard. witnesses say the woman wobbled on the scooter, swerved, hit the wall and then fell over it. the union pacific train tracks is where she fell. below is where the scene was cleared. chp officers are working to identify the woman. missing for four years but not giving up. family, friend and volunteers gathered today for another search to find morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. >> find sierra. one, two, three -- >> all: find sierra. >> she disappeared on her way to school four years ago. many want to show she will never be forgotten no matter how much time passes. øb÷tñ have hope the 15-year-old will be found alive, today's search focused on looking for her body. >> we're going to be looking for washouts on possible areas where
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she may have been laid. >> today volunteers combed the area near eastman coleman road. dozens spent a grim anniversary in fremont remembering the girl they knew and loved so dearly. although sierra lamar's body has never been found. her killer charged with her kidnapping and murder. his trial is set to start next month. a request for a cigarette turned into a terrible ordeal for a man in downtown ale oh alto. robbed and assaulted. it happened just before 2:00 in the morning. the man was walking through a, paing lot on emerson when two men approached him. asked for a cigarette. when he reached to give him one they attacked him and tried to strangle him when he screamed. he broke free. they stole his cell phone and the two men remain on the loose. a change in weather is coming. a beautiful saturday across the bay area.
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cameras in san francisco and san jose. you see a little bit of cloud cover there in san francisco, but the sun certainly shining in san jose. things could change here tomorrow. chief meteorologist, here on the weekend with us, a little bit of a transition here in the newsroom with the new set being built. >> i know. so we are doing it the old-fashioned way on the chrome ma kee. as we look at the live scanning doppler radar over 250 mile radius. no rainfall just yet. dry igs conditions in santa rosa, san jose as well. the next storm offshore. the cold front lining up in decent moisture, about 430 miles away. as that gets here, again, rainfall chances increasing. you can see through tonight at 11:30, which is cloudy. not expecting heavy rainfall. evening plans, looking good for that. tomorrow morning, widespread cloud cover moves in. scattered showers at 9:00 in the
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mork. the rainfall pushes to the south by 11:30 in the morning and eventually across contra costa and alameda counties by sunday afternoon. tracking exactly how much rainfall we'll get from this incoming storm system, and, yes, it's going to mean sierra snow. the full totals in about ten minutes. peggy? >> great news there, and a great way to stay ahead of the rain with our free nbc area app. click on the weather app for live forecasts for your specific neighborhood. a san francisco tradition could be coming to an end. the annual pink saturday event has been cancelled. the street festival is usually held the night before the castro pride parade. nbc bay area christie smith is live now in san francisco with why this tradition is in jeopardy. >> reporter: well, peggy, pink saturday has been a tradition in the castro for years, but according to one supervisor, at least the days of an official event are coming to an end this year. that, according to san francisco
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super virus scott weiner. the big street party brings in tens of thousands of people, some in costumes to celebrate the night before the pride parade but the event grew bigger and big violence happening. the sisters who produced the event last year was through, but it was saved last year. >> i requested that the lgbt community center step in and puft the event on last year, which they did, and that was not a long-term sustainable solution. the center is unable to do it this year and so no other community group has stepped up, and so there won't be a street closure. >> now, the sisters produced it successfully for years. he says that the city is confident they will have people come to the castro that saturday night, and they'll be prepared in terms of security and other needs for a fetive evening. again it won't be an official event. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much.
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the san francisco 49ers and the city of santa clara are at odd over rent. the 49ers reportedly withheld $5 million in rent money since december. the team is pushing for lower payments as part of its deal with the city. the dispute comes after months of heated negotiations between the two. the niners paid nearly $25 million per year in rent for the first two seasons at levis, but the deal also called for a one-time "rent reset" that would be based on updated costs and revenue numbers. the city council is said to discuss the rent deal on tuesday. things did not go quite at planned for firefighters at one station in san mateo after a driver crashed through a fence, hit a tree it then clipped their fire station. firefighters spent hours making repairs. no one inside the station was hurt. you can see a lot of damage to contend with. the driver had just exited highway 92 when he or she failed to hit the brakes. that driver is now being treated for injuries at the hospital. coming up at 6:00, trump
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protestors stopping traffic, chaining themselves to cars in arizona, and it's not the only demonstration against the presidential candidate today. and also, a fight over yosemite hotels and landmarks. the bold new move by the park to try to save the names of the current vachl and also the famed ahwahnee hotel. and a walk across the country. the fallen friends that motivated one man to finally finish his journey. >> that might come up next.
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presidential candidate donald trump is facing more protestors today. >> when i say trump, you say trump. >> protestors demonstrated outside this event in arizona pap few dozen people blocked the road even chaining themselves to cars. three people arrested. inside the event trump continued on his tough on illegal immigration talk insisting he will stop illegal border crossings with a wall that mexico will pay for. >> we can have a big, beautiful wall that nobody's crossing and nobody going underneath. >> now, hundreds of people also marched in new york city from columbus circle to trump tower earlier today. they were demonstrating against trump's rhetoric against minorities. also campaigning, bernie sanders in arizona ahead of tuesday's primary there. the democratic candidate spent
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some time blasting trump and mocking his plan to build a wall at the mexican border. trump's chief rival off the republican side, ted cruz, is in utah. that state hold its primary on tuesday. hillary clinton spent the day off of the campaign trail. the fight over the names of yosemite's historic site is escalating. the new report says that the national park service is demanding the cancellation of the trademarks for the name secured by the park's former concession company including the famed ahwahnee hotel and curry village. the company is demanding the park pay $51 million for the rights to use those names. the park service has changed the names of the sites while it fights in court to keep the original names. a marine corps veteran just arrived in san francisco finishing his walk across the country to honor his fallen friends. this is ryan weldon. e he finished a 5,000 mile walk a few hours ago at san francisco's ocean beach. he started in delaware, if you can believe it. it took over 400 days to make
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this walk. weldon wants to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder among soldiers. 22 veterans commit suicide every day and deserve our help. he said he needed to do it no matter what people said. >> when i said i was going to do this trek, my family, even my mom, thought i was crazy. everyone thought i was crazy, and i stood for what i believed in. i knew it was a serious cause, a serious issue and i knew i needed to do something. >> weldon documented his entire journey on his facebook page titled "5,000 miles: discovering america's heroes." go for him. amazing. and joining us with our microclimate forecast. i can only imagine the weather he walked through. must be very happy to get here. >> certainly. and a good mix of weather conditions today. blue sky at times, cloud cover rolling no new. the sky camera daly city.
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still blue sky in the south bay averaging 72 right now. peninsula, 66. east bay kichilling off and coor in san francisco at 56. through tomorrow morning's forecast expecting cloud cover to be thicker. get a look. see specifically for tomorrow, start mainly dry in the south bay and peninsula. check it out up into the north bay. our best chance of shower activity in the morning. what i want to do next is pinpoint that rain futurecast and you can see the timing as it rolls in. by 9:00 in the morning, scattered areas of showers in middletown, calistoga and santa rosa and things pick up by 11:30 in the morning, possibly heavier pockets in marin, napa, sow noma counties, point reyes and san francisco. slow going. eventually towards contra costa, alameda, san mateo counties rain in the afternoon and lingering scattered showers for san jose into about 5:30. what we're going to show you
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next is that rainfall totals, and i really would like to see this a lot higher, but you're going to be able to see here that it's just not going to be too much here for portions of the south bay. we're only looking at .02 positi positive.03 of an inch. added in another rain chance expected for monday, seeing totals bump up a little bit. certainly not the largest storm in recent memory. .01 inch by monday. a quarter inch in san francisco but larger bu's eye through santa rosa and napa.03 through is sunday. and san francisco, wetter, 63 expected in the financial district and 61 for the marina. the a nins la, towards palo alto, 68. up towards the south bay, it's going to be a mix of some sun,
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clouds and also some scattered rain. 70 expected in san jose. 68 also in cupertino. for the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, the wettest, cloud yefrt and coolest locations will be right up here through our microclimate to napa, santa rosa and mill valley with low 60s. fremont expecting 70 and oakland 66. through the tri-valley upper 60s for tomorrow with, again, that chance of scattered rain. so the bottom line, chance of rain as we head through the afternoon tomorrow. also another chance on monday with these two systems as they roll in. how much sierra snow is this going to mean for us? not measuring up in several feet, but it looks like we'll get close to, about a foot of snow here, seven to nine inches expected monday morning through tuesday. of course, tracking more forecast at peggy, not a big storm tomorrow but it's something. >> it is something. taking every drop we can get. for sure. thank you so much. a big crowd to san jose's
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first ever comic con. an event drawing thousands of people.
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a hearing next week on apple with the department of justice over a locked iphone took a dramatic phone. calling an expert witness to the stand. on wednesday the fbi requested apple's top security expert testify. a last-minute request that reportedly caught apple by surprise. the government has been trying to get apple to unlock an iphone useed by one of the san bernardino shooters for quite some time. a hearing is set for tuesday. spider-man and storm troopers, day two of silicon
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valley comic-con brought out tens of thousands of fans. at the convention center in downtown san jose. organized by apple founder steve ko kozniac. comic con, cutting-edge technology, virtual exhibit among one of the most popular attractions and of course the minions as well. and more children are buc e buckled safely. 503 car seats passed out at the coliseum today. seats for safety organization hosted this giveaway and parents learned how to correctly buckle up their kids. livermore police say car seats are needed for more kids than people think. >> the seat belt is meant on an adult and children 4 and up actually need a booster seat until maybe age 10 if they're on the smaller side. >> to qualify for the free seat, live in alameda county and meet an income limit.
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and from comcast sportsnet joins us now. a lot of basketball fans out there today, henry, watching the ncaa. everybody has brackets. torn to shreds already. >> yeah. including mine. i ripped it up. not talking about that right now i'm so embarrassed. why i normally fill it out in pencil, by the way. when we come back, early hockey highlights from the tank and spring training baseball, as and giants and don't forget about hunter pence. a fan favorite. we'll go one on one with number 8, when we return.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. giants and as on the same diamond in arizona, and with opening day just 15 days away, these teams are all about business. let's get to the highlights, just like the teams would like us to. madison bumgarner, third start of the spring. third inning, chris davis hits the grounder pass the diving tomlinson bringing in a run.
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giants down 3-0. next batter, billy butler. hmm! madison served up something on a platter. that baby is headed into the stands for sure. two-run shot. as win 9-1. baseball players will tell you the number one spring gom, stay healthy, but hunter penns hunter pence hit by a pitch missed nearly the first two months of the regular season. sitting down with the giants outfielder excited for the upcoming season. >> going to get there. it's going to be pence who slides -- makes the catch. throws home and -- they've got him! oh! >> reporter: you have a new outfielder out there, comes with a great reputation, but baseball-wise, hunter what is entailed in getting to know a new outfielder and building that partnership?
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>> there is definitely some things that you're going have to, we have to get our communication down, and you know, each person you play with is different. the level of outfielder and the way he is, i think he, you catch a connection. you just understand things quickly. these guys have such a knack and i'm looking forward to kind of getting in tune with whatever it is that he's doing and maybe learning something from him. >> reporter: what can you share about what you went through regarding an injury that took you out of being able too play and contribute? >> you know, there's a lot to learn from things like that that happen. i got an opportunity to try to be, just -- completely about the team, and not able to do anything physically, and you know hopefully i can see the game in a different way and try to grow from that aspect. >> a drive to right. hit well! it -- is -- outta here! >> i'm just excited. i'm thrilled. i think it does kind of, when
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you reflect back, like if it was possible, which i really don't think it is to love playing more. it's like i'm going to enjoy it even more. i'm even hungrier. >> reporter: and now you've been here a set amount of time. what is that continuity meaning to you? >> just a lot of love, and we enjoy -- we enjoy everyone. the chemistry and we enjoy each other's company. we enjoy working together. it's a unique and it's a spec l special, you know, group, to be a part of, and, yeah. i think it's just we all kind of feel an overwhelming amount of appreciation for each other, and for this opportunity and this time in giants' baseball to be a part of everything. you know? the city, the fans, the front office, the ownership. they're just great people and it's fun to come to work every day. ♪ >> thank you, amy, and best of luck to hunter pence. >> sharks hosting the rangers. goal of the game.
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yes. behind the back pass to ward. one of ward's two goals of the night. san jose wins 4-1, that's the final. by the way, peggy, did you see hunter pence's hair? love to grow out my hair like that. my mom said, pass on it for now. wait until my career's over. >> you can pull it off. >> you think so? >> it would look great on you. >> forget what the boss says. peggy says i can grow it out. >> you can do it, honey. good to talk to you. got to talk about this story coming up after the break. stick around. a piglet found running around the mission district. no one came forward to claim this little cutie pie, but not going to market. got a new home. we'll tell you, after the break.
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take a look at this little lady right here. this piglet found running loose in san francisco's mission district last week has a new home. meet janice, everyone. she's got a hoishl face found running around on dolores street. the owner never came forward to claim her and she's been adopted by the director of the sonoma county reptile rescue. how than? apparently a good home. not just the hormel family or the oscar mayer family. good for dolores. >> so cute. a quick check of the morning forecast in case you missed the earlier update. possibility of rain coming tomorrow. start dry in the south bay, increased cloud cover for the east bay.
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50, best chance of rainfall in the morning, the north bay, able to see on the future cast. get a look. 9:00 in the morning, mainly point reyes to santa rosa and spotty showers. the storm system moves down. once we hit 11:30 in the morning, rainfall for the rest of the bay area into sunday afternoon. of course, we're tracking exactly how much rainfall we'll get with this at 11:00 p.m. peggy? >> good to know, jeff. thank you so much for choosing nbc bay area news. see you right here back tonight at 11:00. until then, have a great night. watching an nbc bay area news special, "bay area proud." chris sontag-ratti: and any time i got into troubled water, she was, like, extra reason for me to make sure to get out. announcer: she was everything to him. and now, a hayward man is using the bond he shared with his beloved dog to bring joy to other owners. chris: it wasn't just about everything,
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you know, and myself. it was about affecting other people. announcer: plus, a bay area winemaker pours his heart and soul into a very special blend of red wine. darrell groom: colby comes in one day, he's 11 years of age, and he says, "dad, dad, dad, can we make a wine together?" announcer: and the talents of this magician-- chuck katis: find your card. announcer: go way beyond tricks. chuck: i want to go represent the us. announcer: how his two passions could be just the trick to make a world impact. reymond pardini: i didn't know they were going to do all of this. announcer: but first, finding a bright light after a dark tragedy. tasha decosta: this young man chose to take a different course of action, to do better for the community. announcer: now, here's nbc bay area's garvin thomas. garvin thomas: good evening, and thank you so much for joining us. that tragedy was the senseless killing of a 17-year-old nearly a year ago. when someone so young dies in such a violent way, people react in all sorts of ways.